NEW Wide Hinged Plate System

Introducing the BHSF/BHSFL, an extension of the retrofit Balco Hinge System (BHS/BHSL) that accommodates larger joint sizes, up to seismic-level movement with vertical and horizontal shear. The BHSF/BHSFL can open to a max of 24” (12” nominal joint at ±100% movement or 16” nominal joint with ±50% movement), while maintaining capacity for pedestrian loads.

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BHSF(L) is Now Available

The BHSF/BHSFL, an extension of the retrofit Balco Hinge System (BHS/BHSL), is officially launched. This design accommodates larger joint sizes, seismic movement with vertical and horizontal shear, and pedestrian load capacity.

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PJC-2 is Now Available

The ConVerge System (PJC) has been engineered to now come in a standardized smaller size. The system can now cover a 2-inch joint size with ±50% to ±100% movement.

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The Complete Line of Seismic Systems

Balco recently launched standard seismic expansion joint systems and fire barriers for any and every application, perfect for the projects with seismic building codes. Every assembly is designed to accommodate large

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NEW Large Seismic Roof EJC: Eclipse™ System

Introducing a brand-new seismic system for large roof expansion joints, with up to 36″ nominal joint size (at ±100% movement; up to 48″ at ±50% movement), complete weatherproofing, and full multi-directional movement.

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TrimLine System – The Latest Seismic EJC

Introducing an interior expansion joint system for walls and ceilings that is super thin and lightweight, yet expansive. The TrimLine system is both highly capable and highly aesthetic. Wide Ranging

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NEW Seismic Fire Barrier

Introducing the largest 3-hour seismic fire barrier in the industry, the MetaFlex Pro Shear MAX. This design takes the feature-packed MetaFlex Pro Shear to an unprecedented size of up to 72″

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