MetaGuard™ Thermal Vapor Barrier (MGTV)

JOINT SIZE: 4-36″ (Max open)
RELATED: MetaGuard Water Barrier (WB)
MOVEMENT: ±50% to ±100% Expansion/Contraction, ±50% to ±100% Lateral Shear, ±50% to ±100% Vertical Shear
Single-package seismic barrier against thermal transfer, air transfer, and water intrusion; Available in r-ratings R13 and R30; Can be used with most expansion joint systems; Low-labor, peel-and-stick mastic flanges make installation simple; Drain assemblies available; Metal anchoring strips for structural attachment; R13 ships in up to 15′ lengths, R30 ships in up to 9′ lengths
PERFORMANCE: Seismic, Thermal and Wind movement tested per standard ASTM E 1399; Air tested to ASTM E283, Water test to ASTM E331, Structural integrity tested to ASTM E330, UV Resistance tested to G155; Contributes to LEED® credits

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MGTV - Thermal Vapor Barrier

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MetaGuard™ Thermal Vapor Barrier

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MetaGuard™ Thermal Vapor Barrier

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