TrimLine System – The Latest Seismic EJC

Introducing an interior expansion joint system for walls and ceilings that is super thin and lightweight, yet expansive. The TrimLine system is both highly capable and highly aesthetic.

Wide Ranging

Whether the application is for wall or ceiling, this system can span up to an industry-leading 36″ nominal joint size. Movement capacity is up to ±100% expansion/contraction, ±100% lateral shear and ±100% vertical shear, making it perfect for locations of high seismic activity.

Designed to Blend In

The outside base members are tapered for taping/feathering, and the cover is factory-primed for field paint, allowing the system to easily and seamlessly blend into the surrounding wall/ceiling.

Lightweight, Uniform

The cover is a thin, aluminum composite panel that is lightweight, economical, and easy to install. Plus, there are no exposed fasteners for a clean, sharp look.

Safe System

Built with dual safety systems that accommodate high multi-directional movement during seismic activity.

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