BQSWA (SilentSeal™)

JOINT SIZE: 1″ – 6″  (in 1/4″ increments)
MOVEMENT: Thermal Expansion/Contraction
Acryllic sound-stopping compressed seal for interior partition walls and ceilings, head of wall, exterior curtain walls, and more; Composed of open micro-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with hydrophobic, flame retardant, modified acrylic; Available in 2- and 3-sided silicone facing; Multiple silicone color options available*; Easy installation; Ships in 5′ lengths; No mechanical fasteners required
PERFORMANCE: Thermal and wind movement per ASTM E1399 standard; Sound reduction quality ratings of up to STC-54 and OITC-47, per ASTM E90-09; Passes building materials surface burning characteristics of ASTM E84-12B; Contributes to LEED® credits

*See Color Chart for details