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Revit Families for Balco

Balco is pleased to provide Revit families for our leading building safety products through the Balco BIM Library. From expansion joint systems to fire barrier systems, compression seals, and more, Balco’s products are designed with the end in mind – keeping buildings safe. From parking garages to hospitals, schools, airports, shopping centers and more, Balco’s Revit content will help you design your BIM project to endure under the most extreme circumstances.

Browse our Balco BIM library below where you can view and download our full library of Revit families, technical documents, and more. If you have any questions about using our Revit expansion joint systems or other products, just reach out to our BIM support line. Balco products are critical to designing buildings that will stand the test of time – get started with Balco in your BIM projects today.

Support Information
Revit/BIM Support
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