NEW Product: SBNB(L) – Industrial “No Bump” EJC

Introducing the SBNB and SBNBL, our new shallow blockout ‘no bump’ with high load capacity and minimal disruption across floor transitions. The floor-to-floor system (SBNB only) is designed to accommodate heavy rolling loads up to Class FL 2 forklift, intended for items such as industrial equipment, airport carts/trolleys, medical equipment, forklifts, landscaping and automobile loads.

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NEW Product: FPH-300-PL-100 – Two-Component IllumiTread Stair Nosing

The FPH-300-PL-100 is our newest two-component PL stair nosing with many notable features. The textured surface provides ultra-high traction without the need for abrasive infill, making this ideal for cost-competitive applications where material is needed onsite quickly. The design also features a labor-saving, patent-pending flip cover which eliminates the need for wood blocking protection boards or other temporary covers during installation.

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NEW Product: 2125 – Retrofit IllumiTread Stair Nosing

Introducing the 2125 IllumiTread Retrofit Stair Nosing, our most cost-effective stair nosing to date. The extrusion has a very low profile (33% thinner than our 4120) while still accommodating our high-performing PL strip. It also has been designed to entirely eliminate the need for abrasive infill with a textured surface providing ultra-high traction. The 2125 is installed with adhesive only, which saves on labor compared to fasteners. Also, the adhesive installation process is quieter and less disruptive to day-to-day business operations when retrofitting in occupied buildings.

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NEW Heavy Duty Twin Hinge (HDTH)

Introducing a brand-new floor system with high load capability, low ‘bump’ configuration, and quick shipment. The HDTH fills the gap in the product lineup between the pedestrian loads of our 7500 Series and the higher-end HDNB. This system is able to withstand heavy loads from floor cleaners, hospital loading, scissor lifts, carts, pallet jacks, trollies, slow vehicular traffic, people movers/golf carts, all the way up to Forklift (Class 2). The HDTH is available from 1-4″ joint sizes at ±25% movement.

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NEW Firestop BIM & Revit Details

BIM Models (.rfa) and Revit Details (.rvt) are now available for our most popular firestopping products (including our new Metacaulk SAS 90!). Download from from individual product pages, or by visiting our BIM Library.

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Metacaulk Smoke & Acoustic 90 (SAS 90)

The NEW Metacaulk Smoke and Acoustic 90 sealant (SAS 90) from Balco is now available, with options in 5 gal caulk, 5 gal spray, 20 oz sausage, 28 oz tube. This acrylic latex sealant prevents the spread of smoke and airborne particles (for non-fire-rated applications) and impedes sound transfer with up to a 52 STC rating for vertical or horizontal joint openings and through-penetrations.

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MetaFlex Pro Shear Wall 8-18″

Introducing our newest addition to the Balco fire barrier lineup: the MetaFlex Pro Shear Wall 8-18.” This convenient, single package is ideal for medium-sized vertical joints with a 2-hour fire rating and up to ±100% movement. Save on labor with easy-to-handle rigid flanges, no required caulking or adhesives, intuitive male/female splicing and no sharp stainless steel foil. This product complements the MetaFlex Pro family in wall applications.

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