Metacaulk 835+ Firestop Silicone Sealant & Spray

DESCRIPTION: Silicone-based elastomeric sealant, self-leveler and spray for firestopping joint openings where constant dynamic movement is expected.


  • Exterior/Interior use; resistant to weather and chemical exposure
  • Forms a water/rain-resistant seal after 1 hour; excellent moisture resistance
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Excellent freeze-thaw
  • Non-sag, flexible cure; cures to an elastomeric seal suitable where dynamic movement is expected
  • FBC System compatible (except spray)

PERFORMANCE: UL Classified system up to 4 hrs; tested in accordance with ASTM E814 (UL 1479), ASTM E1966 (UL 2079), ASTM E1399 and ASTM E90; Self Leveling: meets ASTM C920, Type S, Grade SL, Class 25, Use NT, M, A; Caulk, 5 Gallon, Cartridge: meets ASTM C920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT, M, G, A, O; VOC compliant (CDPH Standard Method v1.2); STC Rating 55


Fire-resistant Joints

Revit Details


Metacaulk 835+ Joint

Product Variations

  • 66019 - Metacaulk 835+, 5gal
  • 66300 - Metacaulk 835+ Caulk Grade, 20.2oz Sausage
  • 66301 - Metacaulk 835+ Self Leveling, 20.2oz Sausage
  • 66645 - Metacaulk 835+, 10.15oz Cart
  • 66295 - Metacaulk 835+ Spray, 5gal Fast Cure Silicone



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