Metacaulk 1200 Firestop Sealant

DESCRIPTION: Extremely flexible single-component elastomeric sealant and spray for construction joint openings, curtain walls and large openings containing metallic penetrants, which cures to mastic suitable for dynamic movement areas and fire-rating.


  • 3-year shelf life
  • Excellent freeze-thaw
  • Non-sag, highly-flexible cure; cures to an elastomeric seal suitable where dynamic movement is expected
  • Versatile interior use; water-based seal requires no mixing or dilution; paintable
  • Protected in wet & dry stages against mold growth with a combination of biocides
  • Easy to apply: sprayable, brushable, trowelable, caulkable, & pourable- mastic grade for efficient installation on long joint runs, self-leveling for horizontal use when fast installation is needed & caulk grade for easy-to-apply using caulk gun/trowel
  • FBC System compatible

PERFORMANCE: UL Classified system up to 4 hrs; tested in accordance with ASTM E814 (UL 1479), ASTM E1966 (UL 2079), ASTM E1399, and ASTM E90; tested by a third party independent laboratory to the ASTM G21 standard with Fungal Growth Rating results of zero; VOC compliant (CDPH Standard Method v1.2); STC Rating 65


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Metacaulk 1200 Through Penetration

Metacaulk 1200 Joint

Product Variations

  • 66379 - Metacaulk 1200 Mastic, 5gal, Pail Spray
  • 66527 - Metacaulk 1200 Mastic, 5gal, Spray, White
  • 66015 - Metacaulk 1200, 30oz Cartridge
  • 66292 - Metacaulk 1200, 20.2oz Sausage
  • 66294 - Metacaulk 1200, 20.2oz Sausage, White
  • 66386 - Metacaulk 1200, 5gal Caulk Grade, White
  • 66387 - Metacaulk 1200, 5gal Pail Caulk Grade, Red
  • 66525 - Metacaulk 1200, 30oz Cart, Caulk Grade, White



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