TRXM (Eclipse™ System) – Mid-range Surface Mount Plate

JOINT SIZE: 6-24″ (See the TRX for larger sizes)
MOVEMENT: ±50% to ±100% Expansion/Contraction; ±50% to ±100% Lateral Shear; Vertical Shear Varies
Durable aluminum cover; Withstands loads from snow, wind and seismic activity; Easy to assemble and install; Full, multi-directional (three-axis) movement; Surface mount installation only; Comes standard with water barrier; Drain assemblies available; Kynar or anodized options available (to match surrounding construction; see Color Chart for details); Ships in max 10′ lengths (cut at factory)
PERFORMANCE: Seismic, thermal and wind movement per ASTM E1399 standard; Snow, wind and seismic loading per ASCE 7; Contributes to LEED® credits



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