Metacaulk Putty Sticks

DESCRIPTION: Moldable, non-curing, single-component, intumescent pliant in stick form for through-penetration systems.


  • Intumescent expands at the exposure of heat, forming a refractory char that tightly seals preventing the spread of flame, smoke and toxic fumes
  • For interior use with various penetrations (cabling, EMT pipe, conduit, etc.); no volatile solvents (particularly useful when installing in confined spaces or occupied areas); does not have asbestos fillers
  • Easy to install; applied by hand; no curing time; adheres to all common building surfaces
  • Helps provide a barrier or buffer for energized bus ducts or conduits as well as provide a barrier from vibration and movement; no additional putty material needed to plug end of each electrical metallic tube or conduit as its connection to the box
  • Required by Building Codes in rated partitions where horizontal separation of opposite facing electrical boxes is under 24 inches

PERFORMANCE: UL Classified system up to 3 hrs; tested in accordance with ASTM E814 (UL 1479), ASTM E119 (UL 263); VOC compliant (CDPH Standard Method v1.2); tested by a third party independent laboratory to the ASTM G21 standard with Fungal Growth Rating results of zero; STC Rating 60


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