Metacaulk Composite Sheet

DESCRIPTION: Preassembled panel constructed of precured dry intumescent sheet sandwiched between two thin, rigid steel panels, for enclosing large openings and for cutting and forming to custom or irregular shapes. Used for sealing penetrations and/or restoring fire rating to floors, walls and ceilings with penetrating openings, and can be used in conjunction with other Metacaulk products (sealants, putties and collars) to ensure cold smoke seal.


  • Intumescent expands at the exposure of heat, forming a refractory char that tightly seals preventing the spread of flame, smoke and toxic fumes
  • Lightweight, thin sheets are easy to handle, cut and form to desired or irregular shape
  • Easy to install using common trade tools; fasten, bolt punch or drill through using self-tapping screws or anchor bolts; no mixing or damming for clean install; cost-effective low labor install; is re-enterable
  • Non-flame supporting and thermally conductive: allows unwanted heat build-up to escape
  • Corrosion resistant
  • FBC System compatible

PERFORMANCE: UL Classified system up to 3 hrs; tested in accordance with ASTM E814 (UL 1479); VOC compliant (CDPH Standard Method v1.2); complies to Required Environmental Exposure Testing of Accelerated Aging and High Humidity as per UL 1479 Fire Test of Through-Penetration Firestops


Composite Sheet BIM

Product Variations

  • 66320 - Metacaulk Composite Sheet



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