NEW Seismic Fire Barrier

Introducing the largest 3-hour seismic fire barrier in the industry, the MetaFlex Pro Shear MAX. This design takes the feature-packed MetaFlex Pro Shear to an unprecedented size of up to 72″ max open and a fire-rating of 2 and 3 hours (in accordance with UL 2079 & ASTM E1966). This new size easily accommodates full multi-directional movement (up to ±100%) ideal for the highest of seismic requirements.

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Inside Mount for MetaFlex Pro

Introducing a modified version of the standard MetaFlex Pro for mounting within the joint, where access to the surface of the joint edge is not an option (as is standard).

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Single-sided Now Standard

Our fire-rated pre-compressed foam, the FRBCSW and FRBCSF-SL, now come standard with only a single side of silicone face rather than two. This reduces the cost while maintaining a high level of performance. (The double-sided will remain available as an option).

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