BHFE – Non Pre-compressed EVA Seal

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JOINT SIZE: 0.5-10″
MOVEMENT: ±25% Expansion/Contraction
Water-tight foam seal; ideal for below grade applications; Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA); For secondary waterproofing only; requires additional protection on floor applications; Easy to install; Installs with epoxy, without mechanical fasteners; Available in gray only; Ships in 6′ lengths
PERFORMANCE: Sound transmission loss rating as high as 36 STC, 35 OITC per ASTM E90; No-cracking weather resistance per ASTM D1499; Water absorption <.02lbs/ft2 per ASTM D3575; Seismic, thermal and wind movement per ASTM E1399 standard; Contributes to LEED® credits
LOAD: Pedestrian, Slow Vehicular (Up to 3″ only; larger size requires metal plate; See Load Data Sheet for details)


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