4120 – Surface Mount 1″ PL Strip

Fastened to the leading edge of existing stairs; Charges by variety of light sources (LED, fluorescent, etc.)*; Extruded aluminum base; Proprietary, slip-resistant epoxy abrasive; Multiple abrasive color options available (see Color Chart for details); 2.75″ Width; Ships in max of 10′ lengths
ANCHORS: Adhesive-only, wood and concrete options available
PERFORMANCE: Passes UL 1994 for both interior and exterior applications; Meets IBC/IFC 1025; Passes salt spray resistance per ASTM B117; Passes toxicity test per SMP 800C; Passes flame spread test per ASTM D635; Nonradioactive per ASTM D3648; Meets ADA guidelines for slip resistance; Contributes to LEED® credits

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4120 - PL Stair Nosing

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4120 – Surface Mount 1″ PL Strip

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4120 – Surface Mount 1″ PL Strip

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