3FRBCSW – 3 Hour

JOINT SIZE: 0.5-6″ (2-sided silicone) and 0.5-3 (single-sided silicone)*
MOVEMENT: ±25% to ±50% Expansion/Contraction
FEATURES: Fire-resistant barrier and water-tight seal for exterior, vertical expansion joints; Installs without mechanical fasteners; Versatilely applicable in concrete, drywall, CMU and most exterior envelope conditions; Ships in 6′ 6″ lengths; UV stable, chemically resistant, watertight, mildew resistant, dust-proof, airtight, sound resistant, insulated; Multiple silicone color options available*; Single-sided silicone face standard (fire-rated from either side), two-sided still available
PERFORMANCE: Fire resistance rating of 3 hours tested in accordance with ASTM E1966 and UL 2079; Sound transmission loss rating as high as 54 STC, 46 OITC per ASTM E90; Air leakage (L Rating) minimum of <0.01 cfm/ft2 per ASTM E 283; Passes water penetration test per ASTM E 547 and ASTM E 331; Seismic, Thermal and Wind movement tested per standard ASTM E 1399; Contributes to LEED® credits (See Tech Data sheet for additional performance data).

*Joint size availability varies slightly between products. *See Color Chart for details.




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