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Balco is an approved provider of American Institute of Architects (AIA) Certified Continuing Education courses. Our provider number is #K437.

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Expansion Joints 101 - Introduction to Expansion Joint Technology

Course Number: B0390EJC

This course is an introduction to expansion joint covers and how they function in a commercial building. Learn how these covers protect the expansion joint opening from weather, fire and movement as well as providing a functional and aesthetic solution to fundamental structural building elements like floors, walls, ceilings exterior walls and roofs.

Length: 1 Hr Credits: 1 LU/CEU HSW: Yes

Fundamentals of Photoluminescent Egress Systems

Course Number: B0401PL

The objectives of this course are to learn about luminescent materials the history of photoluminescence (PL), review building codes for PL egress path markings, identify proper PL material usage for egress stairwell applications and emergency exit pathways, and understand the application of minimum performance standards.

Length: 1 Hr Credits: 1 LU/CEU HSW: Yes

Firestop 101 - Introduction to Firestopping Technology

Course Number: B0101FS

Today’s fire stopping products are specifically designed to fill voids in construction joints and around through-penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors. Technological advancements in our industry has produced intumescent products that also offer increased protection to substrates and reduced installation costs with minimal impact to indoor air quality and the environment. This course will offer you with the fundamentals of different UL listed systems so you can specify fire stopping systems that will provide the best outcome for your client.

Length: 1 Hr Credits: 1 LU/CEU HSW: Yes

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