Balco: The world's leading manufacturer of Architechtural Products

Balco Architectural Products

The breadth and quality of the Balco product line provides a single source for superior architectural components to help maintain the long-term structural integrity, efficiency, weather resistance, safety, and appearance of all types of construction projects. Select the component categories listed below for detailed specifications.

balco expansion and seismic joint covers

Michael Rizza Company™ Premium Silicone Products

The Rizza™ Expansion Joint Systems are designed to withstand multi-directional movement caused by wind, settling, thermal expansion or contraction and seismic activity. They are made of Premium Thermo-Cured Silicone. The product line includes silicone compression seals, face seals and roof seals for interior and exterior applications. There is no other expansion joint system on the market that can be ran continuously across a roof-to-roof, roof-to-wall and on a radius for hundreds of feet without a single splice. They are available in 5 standard colors: Black, Gray, White, Sandstone (tan) and Bronze as well as DOW 790 colors. They also can be custom ordered to match project color requirements.

balco expansion and seismic joint covers

Architectural Expansion Joint Systems

Our Architectural expansion joint system designs blend aesthetically appealing finishes with high performance tested materials and safety features like Fire Rating and ADA compliance. Compete systems are available for Floors, Walls, Ceilings and building exteriors.

balco exterior expansion joints

Exterior Expansion Joint Systems

Balco Duraflex™ exterior expansion joint systems are designed to withstand the elements in all climates while providing a structurally sound and watertight building expansion joint. These durable designs are developed for Parking Garages, stadiums Arenas and convention centers.

balco expansion and seismic joint covers

Fire Barrier for Expansion Joint Systems

MetaFlex, MetaMat and MetaBlock are all fire barrier systems pioneered by Balco to meet the ever improving building code and test standard requirements. These systems provide passive protection of expansion joint openings using intumescent compounds, insulating blankets, foils and fabrics to provide fire ratings for thermal, flame, and smoke equal to or greater than surrounding construction adjacent to expansion joint openings."

balco aluminum floor mats and grids

Floor Mats & Grids

Balco Floor Grids, Entrance Mats and Roll-up Mats are designed to be installed on floor surfaces or in-ground pits ranging from shallow to deep recesses. Our entrance flooring is designed to improve air quality by trapping dirt and moisture below the surface for routine maintenance.

balco single and two-component stair nosings

Stair Nosings

Making the stairs in your facility safe and attractive is a goal of the Balco stair nosing product line. We offer a variety of component systems to provide safety, durability, and long-term value. Balco stair nosings can be installed as an integral part of the casting of the steps or as a retrofit application.

Balco IllumiTread emergency egress lighting system

Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking & Directional Signage

Illumitread™ photoluminescent products provide a zero-energy, Glow-In-The-Dark, way-finding system for safe egress from a building in case of an emergency evacuation. Egress products include a complete line of Stair Nosings, Hand Rails, Demarcation, Obstruction Markers, Exit and directional signage.

frames, grates, and trench liners from balco

Architectural Grates & Frames

Balco architectural metal grates and fames provide safe coverage and beautification of drainage systems for fountains, plazas, pools, planters and other water features in and around your buildings. We have a variety of standard products and custom design capabilities to suit your project requirements.

balco trench covers and access covers

Trench & Access Covers

Balco trench and access covers provide an architecturally appealing finish for service entrances to plumbing, electrical and other buried equipment. Popular applications are for use in laboratories, below ground wiring, school science centers, and refrigeration areas in warehouses.