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Access Covers / Access Panels

Access Covers / Access Panels

Balco manufactures what are commonly called access covers -- or access panels, access doors, and hatches -- in robust, heavy-duty aluminum. Like our trench covers, these access covers and panels provide the durability you would expect from steel or cast iron. Other advantages include welded corners and easy handling thanks to the weight advantage of aluminum.

Balco access covers (panels, doors, and hatches) give you a low-cost and practical option for floor access and drainage. They provide an attractive, modern appearance along with desirable features similar to our trench covers, including easy removal. 

Surface options include a plain brushed-aluminum finish, abrasive slip-resistant epoxy coating, diamond safety tread, and a recessed design that can be fitted with your existing floor treatments to provide an integrated appearance.   

Access covers are typically square and sold as units. This distinguishes them from trench covers, which usually have linear profiles. Liners are optional and available for all access panels and trench covers in 20 Ga. galvanized steel, 22 Ga. stainless steel, and .063 (2mm) aluminum.

Access covers are designed for cast-in-place or blockout installation in a preformed trench. See Installation Instructions for Trench & Access Cover Systems for complete details.