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Metal Grates and Frames

Metal Grates and Frames

  • Aluminum Trench Grates
  • Bronze Trench Grates
  • Radius Trench Grates
  • Metal Deck Drains for Swimming Pools 

Balco Metagrate Drain and Trench Grates enhance the appearance of any area or feature  where an attractive metal floor grate, trench drain, or metal-frame drainage system is desired, such as around fountains, plazas, or planters. Maximum tread spacing of ¼” (6 mm) in floor grate construction ensures durability and pedestrian safety. Concealed locking mechanisms make our robust aluminum and bronze drain grates and metal grating systems tamper-resistant and secure.

Balco Trench Liners made of galvanized metal, aluminum, or stainless steel are available for selected models. Trench liners speed construction and reduce long-term maintenance labor and costs.

Metagrate Swimming Pool Grates feature the narrow sightline you want when designing a pool area and are available in aluminum and bronze.

In addition, factory fabricated grate trench liners reduce the high cost of concrete forming for trenches and make cleaning easier.

Balco can also radius customized sections. In non-traditional applications, grating has been designed to create an amazing illusion of the ocean floor or fabricated as substitute grille work in park benches. Rely on Balco to turn your innovative design possibilities into reality.