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Stair Nosings for Protection and Safety

Stair Nosings for Protection and Safety

Single-Piece Stair Nosings

Economical and easy to install, Balco's single component non-slip stair  nosings are ideal for any indoor or outdoor application where stair tread protection and added safety are desired or required by code. Balco stair tread inserts are slip-resistant, durable, and retain their attractive appearance even in high-traffic stairways.

Two-Piece Stair Nosings

Balco also offers a variety of two component non-slip stair nosing systems, in which sub-channels are installed during construction and safety nosings are installed after construction. This prevents damage to, and costly cleanup of, the safety treads and allows for stair nosing replacement if ever necessary. Two options are available: the screw-secured system, designed for safety, durability and long-term value; and the drive-fit system, when concealed fasteners are preferred.

Glow-in-the-Dark Photoluminescent Stair Nosings 

For use in emergency exit stairways or where extra visibility is indicated, our non-slip photoluminescent IllumiTread™ stair  nosings are perfect for interior or exterior installation. They provide 30-times the illumination of conventional glow-in-the-dark stair tread edging and are manufactured to exceed New York City RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A Brightness Rating Requirements. Balco IllumiTread stair nosings are easy to clean, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-radioactive, and built strong enough for permanent installation in the heaviest traffic areas. Visit our blog on Emergency Exit Information to find out more about the safety benefits of non-slip photoluminescent stair nosings and other emergency pathway markings.



Abrasive bars are typically used in concrete, wood or monumental stair construction.  For monumental stairs, the minimal width of these bars will not detract from the beauty of the stairs.  Small grooves are cut into the stairs, and the bar is held in place with epoxy.  Since these bars are flexible, they can also be used on curved stairs.  The bars come in three standard sizes and 11 standard colors.  Also available in Saf-T-Glo™ II Photoluminescent for an additional charge.  Custom sizes and colors are available as well.  Can be used on interior and exterior stairs to provide slip resistance.


Cast nosings are made from iron or aluminum and are cast into place at time of concrete pour.  Cast nosings are very durable and withstand heavy foot traffic.  They are one of the most economical nosings used to provide skid resistance.  Cast nosings are available in two profiles.  Can be used on interior and exterior stairs.

Designer Color Series

The new Designer Color Series offers a unique blend of multi-colorations in one abrasive mix allowing for increased design coordination in your customers entrance ways. No other manufacturer has anything to match our new look which gives you a unique advantage over the competition.