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Commercial Floor Mats, Floor Grates & Floor Grids

Commercial Floor Mats, Floor Grates & Floor Grids

floor grates

  • Shallow and Deep-Pit Grates and Grids
  • Recessed and Surface Roll-Up Mats
  • Stainless Steel Floor Grids
  • Solid Architectural Bronze Grates
  • Low-Profile Floor Grates and Grids
  • Entrance Mat and Grate Systems

Balco’s versatile series of floor grate/grid systems and floor mats offer the design flexibility you need to create impressive and easy-maintenance entrances. Balco combines the highest quality materials with good looks and meets or exceeds all industry standards and requirements for metal grates, grids, and mats.

Our classic FG series metal floor grate systems are ideal for high profile projects and are available in both shallow grid or deep pit grid models. These grates utilize an attractive tread bar system bolted into rugged U channels. Dirt and moisture collect underneath the grate surface to keep floors clean and reduce maintenance. Rails can be replaced without dismantling the entire grid system.

Where an easy-to-roll-up design is critical, Balco’s recessed and surface roll-up mats are the perfect low-maintenance, labor-saving, cost-effective choices for either new construction or after-market applications. Our premium commercial floor mat system features durable vinyl hinges. Our Balco FM2 series offers sturdy all-aluminum construction for superior service life.

Designer Color Series

The new Designer Color Series offers a unique blend of multi-colorations in one abrasive mix allowing for increased design coordination in your customers entrance ways. No other manufacturer has anything to match our new look which gives you a unique advantage over the competition.


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